Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tutorial: Using Hem Tape

This is Hem Tape. I found it at a thrift store in a bag of hem tape remnants for 50 cents! Thrift stores are a really great place to find random sewing notions on the cheap.

Using hem tape is really great because it will finish a hem without you having to roll over 1/4". Sometimes this is useful because your fabric is slippery (as it was for me with this dress), and sometimes it's just fun to use because you can add a little secret pop of color to the inside of your clothes. This is how I use hem tape, though to be honest, I can't say if it's the right way to use it. I can't imagine another, so let's just assume I'm right here as I am with everything else.

1. Zig zag the hem of your garment and trim any wayward threads.

Before trimming

After Trimming
 2. Pin the hem tape to the right side of your fabric. All hem tape in my experience looks the same. I use the flowers as a guide; they're about an eighth of an inch into the tape.

Front View of Pinned Hem Tape

Back View

3. Sew the hem tape to the hem with a standard straight stitch. Sorry, I used blue thread and you can't actually see my stitching.

4. Fold hem tape over and press. I used a very narrow hem, but you can of course fold as much as needed.

View from Wrong Side of Fabric
View from Right Side of Fabric - So pretty! :)
 5. Sew your tape down. You could also do an invisible hem, but I was too lazy with this dress. Plus, I didn't think it would affect the drape of the skirt.

And look. It didn't!!

Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy sewing, lovelies!!!!